Northern Lights Smokeries, LLC, is a small, family-owned seafood company established in 1992.  Our smokery is located in the town of Petersburg on Mitkof Island in Southeast Alaska.

The healthy, wild and delicious local seafood from sustainable fisheries gives us the reason and drive to engage in processing and promoting our products to you.

Our Salmon, Black Cod (=Sable Fish or Butter Fish) and halibut are caught by local fishermen in the pristine, icy cold glacier fed waters of Southeast Alaska.  We are aware of the superior quality of Alaska's seafood and enjoy working with this sustainable natural resource.  The quality lies in the fact that wild seafood contains plentiful Omega 3 fatty acids which are necessary for the human mind and body.  Global awareness about this is increasing, making wild, sustainable seafood extremely sought after.

Our selected fish are filleted and cut by hand, brined and hot or cold smoked by owner Thomas Cumps according to a long-established recipe.  After our fish are smoked and chilled down, it is immediately vacuum sealed and blastfrozen to -55 F to assure its freshness.  Our hot-smoked Salmon comes in 1 to 1 1/2 inch thick strips, packages vary between 1/2 lb. to 1 lb.. Our Salmon Lox (cold-smoked) comes in whole sides (fillets) or half sides. Cold-smoked Black Cod is available in whole fillets (+/- 1.5 lbs each).  In addition to our smoked products, we also offer Fresh-Frozen seafood.

Thomas was born and raised in Belgium where he lived till 1994. His Physical Therapy license gave him the opportunity to experience work in the United States and to obtain his Green Card. In 1999 he took a break from Physical Therapy and moved up to Alaska where he submerged himself in the world of seafood. Starting as an unloader of fishing boats he discovered quickly how to handle salmon,crab...and learned from skippers and crew about different species, fishing methods and  fishing grounds. For the next  three years he was managing the unloading dock during the busy salmon season for Petersburg Fisheries Inc, Division of Icicle Seafoods . This way, he established very close contact with life-long, local fishermen. After this experience, he engaged himself in working for a local seafood (salmon) smokery for three Summers and picked up the Assistant Fleet Manager's job at Petersburg Fisheries Inc. during the Winter-Spring season (managing the fleet during crab, longline, troll and herring fisheries). As part of that job he was co-pilot aboard the company float plane during herring fisheries, drove skiff and took care of paperwork for US customs. In 2002 he married Alice Perry and now has two sons, Julian and Hendrik. Alice has been the Quality Assurance Manager for Petersburg Fisheries from 2002-2009 and currently is working full time as the High School Science teacher for the Petersburg School district..

In June of 2006, Thomas and Alice acquired Northern Lights Smokeries, a small processing plant in Petersburg and are driven by the sustainable and wild resources to produce high quality and delicious products. We hope you'll have the chance to experience some of our smoked seafood in the near future!!

Feel free to talk to Thomas directly for further information, you can call him at 907-518-1616. Please come visit our smokery for a tour when you plan on travelling this way!